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About Us

Lead by Dr. Clemen Chiang is the Spiking Wealth Community’s online network. We are here to catch the Spikes so that you have faith, hope, and love in everything you do. 

We help you accomplish time squeeze by connecting the dots through online courses, live trading, winning trades, and more. 

Our members pursue wisdom relentlessly with grit: How to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time? 

Why You Should Join Us

Spiking is the only Stock Trading AI data platform that creates total transparency in the world of Insider Trading. With Spiking, anyone can know exactly what the top experts are buying and trading. The all-in-one algorithm compiles, sorts and ranks Insider data into a real-time dashboard, saving you hundreds of hours in stock investments and trading.

You are just ONE SPIKE AWAY!

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